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Private Education

Fardoulys Constructions is proud to hold long-standing relationships with some of the region’s most prestigious schools, with extensive experience in delivering learning, administration, and boarding facilities. 

Working within schools creates a unique set of pressure points, and an experienced hand is required to ensure the project remains on time and on budget. Schools are kept operational during construction, and we deliver complex staging plans as well as noise and dust minimisation to ensure minimal disruption to learning. With students remaining on-site, safety is paramount, and Fardoulys takes exceptional care to ensure secure and safe worksites, run by a team of professionals with all the necessary checks. 

Fardoulys Constructions prides itself on its partnerships and communication. Schools are living environments with a lot of stakeholder involvement, and our team excels at the intersection between the multiple groups who are involved in and impacted by construction— students, families, staff, teachers, principals, and traffic management. This complex, ever-changing environment can only be managed through flexibility and clever programming. 

It is incredibly rewarding to build the schools of tomorrow, which is why education projects are a speciality of Fardoulys Constructions.

Our Education Projects