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Fardoulys Constructions specialises in the construction and refurbishment of hospitality venues. 

In refurbishment projects, our biggest focus is to keep the client operational and commercially viable while the work is being undertaken. 


Working in a live environment is something we excel in. Engaging us early in the design process allows us to create effective staging programs, controlled by precise programming knowledge and careful costings of labour and materials. 


When operating in a live environment, Fardoulys makes all possible effort to minimise dust and noise disruptions through hoardings and appropriate staging plans, as well as following all safety procedures including developing emergency evacuation plans for staff and patrons. 


Flexibility is always required in refurbishment programs, particularly in live environments where having patrons remaining on site may cause unscheduled disruptions. Additionally, it is common to encounter unexpected concealed building services or structure issues. The project management team plans every detail meticulously, while leaving room for contingencies and problem-solving. 


Every hospitality project is different. What remains the same is our dedication to delivering high-quality construction that minimises disruption to business operations and the client’s bottom line.

Our Hospitality Projects

Currumbin RSL

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