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Health & Aged Care

Health & Aged Care

When it comes to aged care construction projects, having experience in the sector matters profoundly.


On an aged care build, matters of safety, hygiene, and security take on even greater meaning. Which is why all Fardoulys employees are fully vaccinated, and comprehensive measures are taken to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment, including implementing strict COVID- safe management plans. 


Our project team has knowledge of the health technology required on an aged care build, such as installing nurse call technology and complex security systems. We also have significant experience working within the Disability Care Act, and understand how those accessibility requirements can impact the design and construction process. 


Over time we have witnessed a significant move towards building aged care facilities that offer not just clinical outcomes, but also offer residents a greater quality of life in a more residential setting. Our past projects have succeeded in delivering on wellbeing outcomes such as spatial concepts, natural light, ventilation, visual stimulation, and modern finishes and services. 


Fardoulys’ wealth of experience in the aged care sector means that we can anticipate obstacles and plan for them, and our early engagement in the design process means that there’s exceptional communication between our team, the client, and project consultants — right from the architects and engineers through to town planners and governing bodies. 


Aged care is an industry built on compassion, and the work of good people. Communication and trust are vital when building these facilities. Which is why Fardoulys Constructions takes a hands-on approach to building client relationships, ensuring open channels of communication between the client and the Fardoulys CEO that last long after the last brick is laid.

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