Churchie Goodwin Boarding House Refurbishment Project

Fardoulys has a proud history with Churchie, conducting works at the school since the early 2000s. We were delighted to be invited back to complete the Churchie Goodwin Boarding House Refurbishment Project in 2021, delivering the project on time and under budget.

The boarding house refurbishment was completed in six stages to ensure the boarding school could keep every student in proper accommodation. As such, the project required complex staging plans. For example, the need for working bathrooms means that as our team progressed through the four storeys, work to upgrade the lower bathrooms was carried out during the day while the building wasn’t occupied, but services had to be reinstated each day as the boys returned to their accommodation. 


If Fardoulys had not been engaged directly early on in the design process to provide these staging plans, the program would have been in excess of 48 weeks, whereas our team delivered the project in a fast-tracked 22 weeks. COVID supply chain delays were also largely avoided by the Fardoulys team being engaged early on to anticipate any issues.


The Goodwin Boarding House build incorporated many special features, including installing sleeping pods with a custom steel frame and joinery system and concealed warm LED strip lighting. Each wing of accommodation has access to high-quality bathroom amenities, as well as lighting auto-programmed to correspond with the school’s curfew/bedtime arrangement.


Thanks to our professional team, we managed to deliver the project on time and under budget, thereby consolidating our great working relationship with the school. Construction is a complex and often difficult process, and results like this —where the relationship comes out even stronger on the back of good planning and performance— is an ideal outcome for everyone involved, and a core goal of every Fardoulys project.