Mount Maria College, Mitchelton

Fardoulys Constructions has built a substantial number of premier educational facilities across Brisbane over the last 40+ years. One thing in particular made Mount Maria College stand out: the installation of energy-efficient geothermal looping technology for heating and cooling. In collaboration with Alinta Energy we drilled down 50 metres into the earth, relying on the constant underground air temperatures to achieve energy-efficient cooling and heating. 


The Mount Maria College Campus was constructed with sustainability in mind, using the latest best practices in energy efficiency, ventilation, and natural lighting. Constructed in brick, the College also features a large Performing Arts Building and Flexible Learning Centre. These shifts in the design of educational spaces, technology, and sustainability are three of the big changes we’ve seen in educational construction projects over the past decades. 


Fardoulys Constructions continues to be at the forefront of best practice construction, and we are proud to be building the schools of the future.