Aged Care Facility

This project set a new benchmark for quality care for dementia patients in Queensland. The exemplary three-storey residential facility, complete with rooftop gym and rehab centre, was designed with a specific vision of how people living with dementia should be supported in a home-like environment.


This project required that safety measures and equipment such as bed hoists were unobtrusive, and that clinical areas and equipment were concealed behind panelling so as to not interrupt the ‘home-like’ environment. Health technology was a key element of the build process, using passive infrared sensors to monitor patients’ movements and nurse call technology, as well as the installation of non-invasive sensor guide lighting. 


The building was constructed to minimise noise and excessive stimulation to residents, remove trip hazards, and encourage indoor-outdoor living through the use of internal and external courtyards, covered walkways and light-filled spaces. Fardoulys takes exceptional care and execution in regards to compliance with DDA/AS1428, having to incorporate these elements in conjunction with national standards and building codes of practice.


We negotiated successfully with the council on development and planning issues during the pre-construction phase, including reduced setbacks which increased the GFA by over 60m2, allowing the facility extra bedrooms and spacing options. Fardoulys Constructions has a wealth of experience in council negotiations, and this project was a perfect example of how we can successfully negotiate with government bodies at all levels to bring extra value to the investment and further bring our client’s vision to life.


Development and construction doesn’t come without its challenges. The client’s expiring bed licences towards the latter end of the project saw us with a very limited timeline from the outset, and the proposed 56 week build turned into 42 weeks. This ensured our project team was fully briefed and ready to execute on the required deadlines,  while executing on timesaving re-structuring of works and construction methodologies. Access through tight residential streets with three simultaneous developments and low power lines required strategic fabrication and delivery of major structural elements to the project, while cooperating efficiently with other major builders.